travel insurance

Travel Insurance for Digital Nomads

To be successful as a digital nomad, you need to be available when clients need you and this requires that your equipment is in full working order and that your travel arrangements go to plan. Travel insurance is essential for digital nomads to make sure things go smoothly even when you get some setbacks. What

Poll: Which European City Is Best for Digital Nomads?

Finding the right European destination to do remote work can really make a difference for the quality of life of digital nomads. While low cost of living (rent, infrastructure, amenities) can be a great influencing factor when choosing a location, other elements like all-year round good weather can steer your decision towards one place over

remote jobs

Best Websites To Find Remote Work

Making a living while travelling is a priority for digital nomads. Finding work can become almost a full time job in itself, so using the right resources is essential. This is a handpicked list of the best websites to find remote work aimed at digital nomads. Remote Work and Freelancing The reality of the digital

10 digital nomads to follow on instagram

10 Digital Nomads To Follow on Instagram

Need some inspiration on Instagram or do you want to make more connections with other digital nomads? Here are 10 digital nomads to follow on Instagram. Chris The Freelancer Chris Dodd is an Australian digital nomad with an excellent YouTube channel providing advice to location-independent freelancers and entrepreneurs. His videos feature travel and business tips,

Planning To Become a Digital Nomad? Preparation Is Key

Are you planning to become a digital nomad? Are you dreaming about sunny beaches or glamorous European cafes? Are you planning an escape from an uncertain political climate (any reference to Trump or Brexit are purely coincidental). Preparation is key: from taxation to residence, from accommodation to languages, the learning curve is deep. There are