ChatGPT and Italian Translations

Article in partnership with Day Translations. Being an Italian native speaker I was curious to test ChatGPT’s translating functions and before I started writing this article my expectations were low to say the least, as I imagined the computation results to be a real dog’s dinner. You will find my verdict in the final section

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Multilingual Interpreting

Article in partnership with Day Interpreting. Day Interpreting is a 24/7, 365 days per year open service provider with 300 language pairs available upon request. Where do you start your search for language interpretation in multiple languages? At first, the most common questions you will see in search that are related to multilingual interpreting include:

Language Translation Trends

Article in partnership with Day Translations. What are the most noteworthy trends in language translation and what do we need to pay attention to? ​Are All Trends Made Equal? When we talk about trends, are we actually focusing on what is likely to stay in the long term or just a short term fad? Some

Digital Nomads and Accommodation in Ireland

Article in partnership with Day Translations. Are you a digital nomad who is planning to work for some time in Ireland? Ireland hosts high profile global companies like Google, Facebook, TikTok and Amazon, attracting a large number of remote workers and freelancers each year. However, while salaries are attractive, especially in the technology sector, there

Calling Helpdesks while Travelling

In this article in partnership with Day Translations we look at what happens when you need to call a helpdesk while you are travelling. There are many websites around the world offering information and advice, particularly with regards to work and travel. The information is often avaialble in multiple languages online. First of all, let’s