Where Do Digital Nomads Go in Europe During Winter?

Article in partnership with Day Translations. We have talked about European winter destinations for digital nomads before (see article), but it’s worth revisiting the topic again. At the time of writing, the cost of living crisis is affecting many people’s lives so the question is: does moving somewhere else in Europe help you save money

Does Learning Languages Give You Better Career Prospects?

Article in partnership with Day Translations. Whether you are already a polyglot or are simply interested in learning languages, have you considered your career options on the basis of your language skills? In an interview with The Irish Times, Irish businessman Nicholas O’Connor recommends to not only learn languages, but also to travel and explore

Talking about the Mandarin Chinese Language

Article in partnership with Day Translations. When researching which languages to learn for business success and better career options, a number of languages always come up in search results, one of them being Mandarin Chinese. However, it seems that efforts to integrate Mandarin in schools and Universities’ curricula, particularly in English-speaking countries such as the

Debunking Language Learning Hacks from TikTok

Article in partnership with Day Translations. TikTok has a huge variety of topics and hashtags, so much so that your “For You Page” (FYP) gets clouded by too much content that may not be even relevant to your interests. If you speak multiple languages or are in the process of learning a new language, you

Talking About the Hungarian Language

Article in partnership with Day Translations. Hungarian is spoken by about 13 to 15 million people worldwide including countries near Hungary such as Germany, Slovakia and Romania, with about 8 million being native speakers living in Hungary. If we are to put actual numbers against each country where people of Hungarian origin live, here is

AI Content Writer Jobs and Freelancers

Article in partnership with Day Translations. Whether we like it or not, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is here to stay and sometimes it is literally rammed down our throats, particularly for freelance writers. Not only are freelance writers being faced with the threat of losing work projects to AI because (in theory) it can do the

What Is Translanguaging and Applications in Multicultural Businesses

Article in partnership with Day Translations. After reading an interesting article on translanguaging (source: EducationWeek) I realised this topic deserves further exploring, particularly with regards to its applications in business and in multicultural organisations that employ international staff and have a global audience. What Is Translanguaging? We can define translanguaging as the way bilingual or