Interview with Sean Hopwood, President of Day Translations

As part of our collaboration with Day Translations, this is an interview with their President Sean Hopwood, talking about his background, his passion for languages, his fully remote company and how it’s been thriving even during a recession, and why he thinks remote translations are a great career path for digital nomads. When did you

financial planning for digital nomads

Budgeting and Financial Planning for Freelancers

Managing finances is one of the most strategic tasks in running a freelance business, either as a remote worker or as a digital nomad. Please note: this article should not be considered financial advice, it is recommended that you speak to a professional about your saving and investment needs. With the recent Covid-19 pandemic putting


Xolo: Setting Up a Remote Business For Digital Nomads

This post contains an affiliate link. Setting up and operating a business when you are a location-independent freelancer can be challenging. Digital nomads who want to run a solo business can end up spending hundreds of euros to register and set up a company. Every country has different regulations and taxation. That, combined with requirements

Accepting international payments

Accepting International Payments: TransferWise

TransferWise TransferWise was established in 2011 by two Estonians, its global headquarters is in London, UK, reported revenue for almost £180 million in 2019 and employs more than 2,000 people. It also has offices in Singapore, Belgium, Hungary, Ukraine, UAE, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, India, the US, Brazil, Estonia, Japan. British entrepreneur Richard Branson invested

Funding for Ireland-Based Businesses

Funding for Ireland-Based Businesses

There are many funding options for Ireland-based businesses, from new business grants to grants for small businesses. Whether your business is a start-up or has been trading for a number of years, Enterprise Ireland has made available various grants but not many people may be aware of them. Funding Opportunities for Irish Businesses If you