Calling Helpdesks while Travelling

In this article in partnership with Day Translations we look at what happens when you need to call a helpdesk while you are travelling. There are many websites around the world offering information and advice, particularly with regards to work and travel. The information is often avaialble in multiple languages online. First of all, let’s


End of Short Term Rents in Portugal: Attention Digital Nomads

Portugal has been a very attractive destination for digital nomads, remote workers and location-independent entrepreneurs for a number of years. For many, the change of direction that the Portuguese decision-makers have made from early 2023 with regards to short term apartment rentals may have caught digital nomads by surprise. In fact, after feeling welcome in

justina miles

Rihanna’s Super Bowl Sign Intepreter Put American Sign Language on the Map

Justina Miles: remember her name. While millions of people had been waiting years to see Rihanna perform live, a few hundreds of thousands of Americans with hearing impairments watched a rising star interpreting Rihanna’s lyrics in real time with impressive show-womanship. This article is in partnership with Day Translations. ASL Intepreter Justina Miles Made History

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Jobs in Ireland with Irish Language

Article in partnership with Day Translations. There are very specific jobs in Ireland that require an advanced knowledge of the Irish language, plus other jobs that recommend some understanding of Gaelic.The question is: do you need to understand Irish to get a job in Ireland? The answer is no for most jobs, however, for academia,

drafting an agreement

Drafting Agreements to Work with International Clients

Being a location-independent entrepreneur or remote worker often includes working for international clients. While the working language may be English, some elements of an agreement between a service provider and a client may require translating the terms into one or more local languages. This is an article in partnership with Day Translations. Drafting an Agreement