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Co-working Hubs in Ireland

In partnership with Day Translations. According to the Irish government’s website (, in 2022 there were 300 remote working hubs and almost 5,000 desks in Ireland offering shared office space and desks. This is part of an initiative to promote remote working in Ireland and in 2022 alone people received more than 3,300 vouchers to

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Artist Co-Working Studio in Dundalk, Ireland: Bridge Street Studios

Following Instagram hashtags can be extremely effective for discovering new talent: musicians, painters, film makers can all be found with the right tag. I came across the work of ceramic artist Sarah McKenna by chance on Instagram and then discovered the artist studios at Bridge Street. Artists Need Space Unlike other freelancers or entrepreneurs, whose

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How to Connect to Local Businesses While You Travel

One of the best bonuses of traveling and working is meeting and learning about local businesses in different cities. Here are some tips and reminders on where to meet fellow start-ups and small businesses while you’re traveling. Georgette from Croissant shares her experience in this guest post. Contains an affiliate link. Work at a Coworking

The Future of Co-working: Bridging the Gap Between Corporates and Co-working

The trend in co-working is seeing start ups and established corporates finding a middle ground in the form of flexible working. There are plenty of opportunities for collaboration across industries thanks to the creative environment provided by co-working spaces. The following is a panel discussion hosted by Work.Life co-working space in Bermondsey, London. Bridging the