Interview with Zbigniew Czarnecki, CEO at Apptension and teamdeck

Read about a remote employees success story: Apptension and teamdeck. When was Apptension founded? What inspired you to do start a company? We founded Apptension in 2012, in Poland, as a software development company. Together with my current business partners Artur Gutkowski (COO) and Michał Kleszcz (CTO), we’ve successfully participated in a few hackathons. After


Interview with Pauline Roussel, Co-Founder of Coworkies

Have you ever heard of working gloCally? Pauline Roussel, co-founder of Coworkies, explains. How did the concept for Coworkies come about? Coworkies came out of our own needs. When we started about a year ago, I was the General Manager of a coworking space in Berlin that focuses on Startups only (called The Place). We

Nik Lashley, Truly Nomad

Interview with Nik Lashley of trulynomad

A conversation with travel journalist Nik Lashley: the transformative power of travel and life as a digital nomad. Wanderlust runs in your family: tell us about your first generation nomad father Growing up in the north west of England, my dad, Harry, a West Indian immigrant from Barbados arrived in Britain at the end of

In Viaggio col Tubo

Interview with Travel YouTubers In Viaggio Col Tubo

In Viaggio Col Tubo are Giorgio and Martina, whose YouTube channel is gaining much popularity thanks to their engaging and informative travel video guides. Here is their story so far, their plans for the future and their advice to new travel videographers. Q & A with In Viaggio Col Tubo What inspired you to start