digital nomads

Digital Nomads Trends

How many people define themselves as digital nomads? How much do digital nomads earn on average? Reports on digital nomads have started to be compiled and published that can answer some of these questions. It can be challenging to analyse the market for digital nomads because it tends to be quite fluid: people who work

video interpreting

What Are Remote Video and Phone Interpreting Jobs?

This article is a collaboration with Day Translations. Remote video and phone interpreting is a cost-effective way for organisations to provide instant translation (this can be consecutive, i.e., with a short delay, or simultaneous) for spoken communications from one language to another. In-person interpreting is more expensive and has to take into account travelling costs.

Interview with Sean Hopwood, President of Day Translations

As part of our collaboration with Day Translations, this is an interview with their President Sean Hopwood, talking about his background, his passion for languages, his fully remote company and how it’s been thriving even during a recession, and why he thinks remote translations are a great career path for digital nomads. When did you