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Always Commission Translations to the Professionals: My Recipe Book

This article is a collaboration with Day Translations, your trusted experts in translation and interpretation. ​Case Study: My Bilingual Recipe Book Back in 2016 I published a recipe book about foraging in two languages: English and Italian. On one page you have the English version of a recipe I created with the list of ingredients

How Translators Convey Humour in Foreign Books

How Translators Convey Humour in Foreign Books

This article is a collaboration with Day Translations. Do you like reading books? Have you ever thought about all the work that goes behind translating a book, especially when it features some humour? I read that made me laugh so much entitled ‘The Travelling Cat Chronicles’ by Hiro Arikawa. The readers are asked to suspend

estonia for digital nomads

Estonia as the Place to Work and Travel for Digital Nomads

Collaboration with Day Translations. Estonia has welcomed many remote workers and digital nomads in recent times and thanks to the introduction of its Digital Nomad Visa the whole process of working and travelling in Estonia was made easier for a wider community. Digital Nomad Visa in Estonia Estonia has put a lot of effort into

croatia welcomes digital nomads

Croatia as a Destination for Digital Nomads

Collaboration with Day Translations. Croatia is a sought-after destination attracting many digital nomads and remote workers. The country has invested heavily to offer a range of services while also supporting the local economy. Croatia’s International Appeal Croatia has attracted much attention from the international press for its strong position favouring digital nomads, adopting the slogan

travelling to madeira to work remotely

Travelling to Madeira to Work Remotely

Collaboration with Day Translations. Madeira has started a whole campaign to attract more digital nomads and remote workers. As a destination for entrepreneurs and freelancers, Madeira has plenty to offer. Why Madeira? In recent years Madeira has invested heavily to promote its image internationally in order to become a place where remote working is encouraged.

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The Role of Subtitle Translators

Collaboration with Day Translations. With the increasing popularity of international films and TV series in different languages on major streaming platforms, as well as the demand across industry sectors for multimedia captions in other languages, it’s worth acknowledging the valuable work of translators for subtitles. Translating Subtitles Is Complicated Films are not the only pieces

why do we need professional translators

Why Do We Need Professional Translators?

Collaboration with Day Translations. Professional translators are irreplaceable: they hold all the knowledge and expertise to provide accurate translations to get the right message across. Reasons Why We Need Professional Translators As much as we might rely on online automated translations such as Google Translate to look something up quickly in a different language, human

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The Role of Project Managers for Translations

Collaboration with Day Translations. Translation projects, especially large-scale ones featuring multiple languages, benefit from having a dedicated project manager. What a Project Manager for Translation Projects Does When commissioning a translation project to an agency, the client liaises with a central contact, the project manager. A project manager must demonstrate to possess skills such as