Best European Countries for Digital Nomads According to TikTok

Article in partnership with Day Translations. Here are the European destinations for digital nomads that content creators on TikTok have recommended. For example, Omio on TikTok lists European countries based on their digital nomad visa requirements and the facilities they offer. The chosen countries are: The visas to work in these countries require applicants to

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Digital Nomads FAQs Part 2

This article is in partnership with Day Translations and Day Interpreting, see their promotional offer below. The digital nomads frequently asked questions continues in this post, featuring topics discussed in various forums. How Is the Digital Nomad Lifestyle? On paper, the digital nomad lifestyle is aspirational: great locations and work flexibility are an intoxicating combination.

digital nomads faqs

Digital Nomads FAQs

You don’t have to search far and wide for the answers to all those pressing digital nomads questions that keep appearing in discussion groups: all the hard work has been done and it’s tastefully presented here! This article is in partnership with language experts Day Translations (see specific section for a limited time offer). First

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How To Get Work as a Language Translator after Graduating

If you have recently graduated in language translation you may be wondering how to find work, particularly if you are planning to work on a freelance basis, ideally remotely to give you the opportunity to travel. This article is a collaboration with Day Translations. Working and Travelling as a Freelance Translator Language translation is one

Working and Studying Abroad: Technical University of the Shannon in Ireland

This article is in collaboration with Day Translations, providing certified academic evaluation translations. Universities and employers may require from you a certified academic evaluation to check that your coursework and exams are compatible with those of your new host country. It is essential to rely on a professional translation to ensure accuracy and avoid unnecessary

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Tips How To Work as a Freelance Conference Interpreter

This article is a collaboration with Day Translations, providing translations to and from approximately 300 languages from Afrikaans to Zulu, as well as interpreting services. You have graduated in language interpreting, congratulations! And now, how do you get a job? Once you are part of the language interpreting industry and you have built a profile