What if Your Laptop Gets Water Damaged While Travelling? Tips for Digital Nomads

When I saw a post in an online forum for digital nomads, I realised that this is an important issue: what happens if your laptop gets damaged by water? What to Do if Your Laptop Gets Water Damaged while Travelling? While the obvious choice is to find the nearest laptop repair shop to evaluate whether

Travel Medical Insurance for Digital Nomads: SafetyWing Profile

Navigating the travel insurance maze can be challenging – so when SafetyWing emailed in with some information, I thought it would be useful to pass it on to fellow digital nomads. This post contains affiliate links. Travel and Medical Insurance: What’s Included and Excluded When it comes to travel insurance, straight after comparing different policies

free digital nomad accommodation with volunteering

Digital Nomad Free Accommodation with Volunteering

The two main priorities for any digital nomad are work and accommodation. There are ways to get digital nomad free or cheap accommodation with volunteering. Here are a few suggestions. Digital Nomad Free Accommodation If you are a digital nomad, have some spare time available and don’t want to spend too much on accommodation, it