Interview with Pauline Roussel, Co-Founder of Coworkies

Have you ever heard of working gloCally? Pauline Roussel, co-founder of Coworkies, explains.

How did the concept for Coworkies come about?

Coworkies came out of our own needs. When we started about a year ago, I was the General Manager of a coworking space in Berlin that focuses on Startups only (called The Place). We met there with my co-founders. Members of the coworking space were always coming to me to ask to be connected to freelancers or service providers in the city and outside our coworking space. We quickly realised how much time coworkers / members spend in looking for people to work with around them. On one side, a lot of jobs to offer from the companies sitting in the space and on the other side, people who want to join coworking spaces but are not freelancing or startups founders. We asked ourselves, how do you connect both? We couldn’t find anything so we built it. 🙂


When did Coworkies start?

We started Coworkies in September 2015 in Berlin.

How can you apply for work opportunities within Coworkies?

So, there are 2 things here:

  • If you are a professional, sitting in a coworking space and offering a job, you can go on and post your offer. It will be shown on the main job board if you select a paid option or on the page of your space only if you choose the free option.
  • The other thing is, if you want to work for the coworkies team, you can send us an email at Tell us more about you, your background and why are you interested in working with us. We are not much interested in CVs, we are interested in people. So if you love what we do and want to join, don’t be shy and send us an email 🙂

What are the plans for the future?

We are growing the team, the platform and want to keep on expanding gloCally. I insist on the glocal aspect as we want to bring local coworking communities closer together. With Coworkies, we facilitate access to all kinds of information related to coworking spaces: jobs, people, spaces and soon more 🙂

What makes coworking unique compared to working in an office?

The mindset of coworking is very unique. It stands in the word itself: COworking. The uniqueness of it lies in the level of collaboration and flexibility that you can find in each coworking space. I am not talking about the flexibility in the pricing, I am talking more about the flexibility of the space. In coworking spaces, the space adapts to your needs. There is room for silence, room for noise, there is space to work standing or sitting, there is room for loneliness and room to surround yourself with coworkers and, lastly, there is flexibility in your day. You decide how you organise your time and work. It is something you don’t find in a regular office.

What would you recommend to someone new to Coworkies to make the most of the website?

I would recommend to start by having a completed profile on Coworkies and then start exploring the coworking communities around them. It is difficult to answer as each user joins coworkies for various reasons.

  • Some of them want to find a coworking space where they can meet people who have the same kind of interests
  • Some users are purely interested in finding work opportunities
  • Other users are interested about the networking part and finding people to connect with
  • And some others want to find all of that 🙂

What’s your favourite experience of coworking in your career so far and your favourite coworking locations?

At Coworkies, we see each coworking space as a unique place. Thus, it is very difficult for us to choose a favourite. I guess one important thing for me that I ask myself every time I visit a new coworking space is: how do they bring together their community. I am always amazed and inspired by how coworking spaces create a unique environment for members to connect. After visiting 146 coworking spaces in 17 cities since last year, I have been very impressed to see how coworking can change a city in a positive way. Those workplaces are content generator, which is great for a city, as it brings more people and knowledge!

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