Affordable European Destinations for Multilingual Digital Nomads

Article in partnership with Day Translations.

When you work as a freelancer, cash flow is king: while you may have some good months when you earn more, there may be a few months when you either don’t earn anything at all or your earnings are quite low.

Digital nomads and remote workers always keep an eye on the budget. With the current cost of living crisis, accommodation, food shopping and eating out can leave huge dents in the budget.

So, the question is: which cities in Europe offer good value for money for digital nomads who can speak multiple languages (and therefore are not limited to English-only speaking countries)?

Here are three suggestions.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Is Slovenia good for digital nomads?

Slovenia, promising “natural, cultural and culinary diversity” in the welcome message on its Tourist Board website, is a small country facing the sea on one side and the mountains on the other. This means that the capital city Ljubljana can make a great starting point for travelling to either the seaside or to get some crisp air at a higher altitude.

After work there are many options for the experienced traveller that include wine or beer tasting, exploring underground caves on foot or by kayak, visiting castles, relaxing in a spa and the list goes on. For film buffs, Slovenia also offers tours of film locations, where you can see where TV series such as the Netflix show ‘The Witcher’ or where films such as ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’ were shot.

In terms of infrastructure, Slovenia is a modern country where the currency is the euro and wifi is fast and reliable.

In terms of working facilities, an example is the Coco hub, an international community network with its site in Ljubljana that helps connect digital nomads and remote workers from around the world offering coliving facilities.

Zagreb, Croatia

Is Croatia good for digital nomads?

Croatia has an extensive coastline over the Adriatic Sea, good infrastructure with great wifi and many coworking places for digital nomads. In fact, the Croatian Tourist Board has a dedicated section for digital nomads who are planning to visit the country. In fact, it even created a special marketing campaign aimed at digital nomads called “Croatia, your new office!”.

Boasting good infrastructure, healthcare and hospitality, Croatia has invested extensively to attract international visitors to stay for long stretches of time. Croatia’s currency is the euro since 2023.

The capital city Zagreb is a larger city compared to Ljubljana and this means it has more shops, places to visit such as museums, restaurants etc. It is also cheaper than its Slovenian counterpart.

Zagreb is a gastronomic and shopping destination and it’s easy to travel to nearby towns, places of historic interest such as Dubrovnic and hiking or cycling trail such as in Paklenica National Park.

To find out more information about working in Zagreb as a digital nomad there is a whole website with plenty of useful details. There are numerous coworking hubs in Zagreb such as Impact Hub where you can meet international entrepreneurs and freelancers. The emphasis for Croatian hubs is value for money to ensure that digital nomads can afford to use their well appointed facilities.

Prague, Czechia

Is Czechia good for digital nomads?

Czechia has a lot to offer to digital nomads and remote workers. The Czechia Tourist Authority’s webiste welcomes everybody to visit, with the aim to “to share the depth, details, and culture” of the country, which combines modernity and history. The local currency is the Koruna, which is about 0.04 euro.

The capital city, Prague, is geared towards international trade and many global companies have offices there. The Ministry of Industry and Trade has a programme specifically for digital nomads, in which IT professionals and freelancers can benefit from a scheme to settle in the country smoothly and efficiently.

There is also a whole website for digital nomads in Prague which provides plenty of information about meetups and working facilities. Prague is a sophisticated town with excellent architecture, a thriving café culture, museums, galleries, a planetarium, but it also provides plenty of networking opportunities for professionals.

Prague has a good infrastructure with cheap and reliable public transport as well as affordable accommodation, making it one of the favourite spots to work for digital nomads.

When To Travel

To benefit from the most savings, especially for accommodation, these are the periods of the year that are best for travelling to Slovenia, Croatia and Czechia:

  • April to May and September to October, particularly for Slovenia and Croatia;
  • December to February for Czechia.