croatia welcomes digital nomads

Croatia Welcomes Digital Nomads

Croatia has put in place many initiatives to attract digital nomads. It created a digital nomad village in Zadar, a city with a rich history on the Adriatic coast near Split. Zadar’s Digital Nomad Village Digital Nomad Valley Zadar is one of the ways Croatia is using to become a hotspot for location-independent freelancers. Zadar

when professional interpreters should be used

When Should Professional Interpreters Be Used?

In partnership with Day Translations. You should use a professional interpreter in all situations that require expert advice, in a formal and business environment, particularly when the subject matter for discussion is of a technical, confidential, highly specialised nature. Circumstances that Require Professional Interpreters Professional interpreters make life easier for people who are not able

revise machine translation

How Translators Use and Revise Machine Translations

This article is a collaboration with Day Translations. Human translations and machine translations have been interlinked for years and not at the opposite ends of a spectrum. Machines will not replace human translators but have their specific function. Machine translations can provide an element of efficiency when delivering a document, however the human revision of

pay cuts for remote working

Remote Workers Shouldn’t Accept Salary Reductions to Work away from the Office

Remote workers shouldn’t have to choose between working from home or a location away from the office and seeing their salary reduced. Large corporates such as Google are giving employees ultimatums: you either work from the office or you have to accept a reduction in pay. Google’s policy is to pay staff members based on