What Is Translanguaging and Applications in Multicultural Businesses

Article in partnership with Day Translations. After reading an interesting article on translanguaging (source: EducationWeek) I realised this topic deserves further exploring, particularly with regards to its applications in business and in multicultural organisations that employ international staff and have a global audience. What Is Translanguaging? We can define translanguaging as the way bilingual or

Talking About Brazilian Languages

Article in partnership with Day Translations. You learn new things every day while reading the news. I came across an article from the UK newspaper The Guardian reporting on a story from Brazil and its indigenous languages. The article looked at a breakthrough moment in the history of Brazil as its constitution has been translated

Talking About African Languages

Article in partnership with Day Translations. The African continent is made up of many nations, each with complex histories and with different ethnicities speaking their own language. Leaving aside colonial history and the languages spoken by the colonisers, namely English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese, the rich culture of language and oral traditions in

Sectors with High Demand for Language Translation

Article in partnership with Day Translations. Language translation is everwhere if you look close enough as it applies to so many industry sectors. Even those companies and organisations that may not have an international growth strategy may require translation services. In Europe, especially, thanks to the freedom of movement of persons, European citizens have been

Localisation Game Tester Multilingual Jobs

Article in partnership with Day Translations. Is there such a thing as a dream job for people who can speak multiple languages and also enjoy gaming? Maybe there is! Game Tester Jobs with Languages While browsing through sites like Indeed and LinkedIn, I came across many vacancies for games testers who can speak foreign languages.

Human versus AI Language Interpreters

Article in partnership with Day Interpreting. In a 2023 YouTube video, Wired looked at human and machine interpreting. In the introduction to the video, the voiceover mentions that, in order to get an accurate translation, the interpreter must convey elements such as intonation, speed, spontaneity and emotion. The video aimed at testing whether AI was

Language Transcription

When companies and other organisations need multilingual transcriptions of spoken content, which could range from podcasts to videogames, they need to find providers that can access a pool of talented professional translators who are also fast typists and are confident users of Artificial Intelligence and other computer-assisted tools. Article in partnership with Day Translations. Because