Navajo and Native American Languages Spoken Today

Article in partnership with Day Translations. How Many Native American Languages Are there? According to Census data released by the United States Census Bureau in 2010, there are 169 native American languages, out of a total of 381 non-English languages in the country. At that time, 227 million Americans could only speak English as their

Portugal’s Tax Changes for Digital Nomads

Article in partnership with Day Translations. Portugal decided to change its tax rules for digital nomads such as non-EU foreign investors (source: Fortune). For many years Portugal has been one of the favourite European destinations for digital nomads and remote workers for a number of reasons, mainly the favourable weather and the high quality of

What Is the Difference between Human Knowledge and Artificial Intelligence?

In 2023 the professional networking social platform LinkedIn launched a new type of content to encourage more engagement among users. These articles are called ‘collaborative articles’ and are AI (Artificial Intelligence)-generated. They are accompanied by an invitation or prompt at the end of each paragraph to contribute thoughts and opinions in the comments. This phenomenon

Talking about Spanglish

Article in partnership with Day Translations. I was reading an article from El Pais, English edition, and was fascinated by the topic of Spanglish. The article delved into the quirky and sometimes puzzling mix of Spanish and English being spoken in large metropolitan areas in the United States such as Miami, Los Angeles and New

Day Awards 2023: The Winners

Article in partnership with Day Translations. The Day Awards are an annual event recognising the work of language professionals around the world, organised by Day Translations. As President Sean Hopwood said in his introduction speech, even with the emergence of AI tools in translation, the human touch is invaluable. This is why the Day Awards

History of International Translation Day

Article in partnership with Day Translations. Day Translations marks International Translation Day each year with its Day Awards, honouring the work of professional translators and intepreters. Do you know why we started celebrating International Translation Day? Brief History of International Translation Day In 2017 the United Nations declared by resolution that the 30th September is