Best Green Capitals in Europe

This article is in partnership with Day Translations. Inspired by an article by European Best Destinations, I thought that it would be interesting to find out which locations in Europe are best suited for those who appreciate the great outdoors and low pollution while working and travelling abroad. The article mentioned above selected these European

Day Translations at AdWeek Commerce Week Conference 2024

This article is in partnership with Day Translations. Day Translations staff attended the AdWeek Commerce Week conference in New York City, as covered in the second issue of The Linguist Magazine. “From Storytelling to Selling” The headline message from the AdWeek conference was “from storytelling to selling” and the aim of the event was to

Digital Nomads, Mass Tourism and Locals: A Delicate Balance

This article is in partnership with Day Translations. Various news outlets have reported that mass tourism in popular holiday destinations have had a negative effect on local populations and local economies. What Is the Difference Between Mass Tourism and Travel by Digital Nomads? What is “mass tourism” exactly? Collins Dictionary defines mass tourism as a

Language Interpretation as Discussed in The Linguist Magazine

This article is in partnership with Day Translations. The second issue of The Linguist Magazine covers a range of topics and it focused on language intepretation in two articles: one about language interpretation itself and one about sign language interpretation. Then, as a bonus feature, there is also an article about the art of language

How Do You Use LinkedIn as a Freelancer? Some Tips

Should freelancers bother using LinkedIn to promote their work? If you are a freelancer reading this, you may want to consider LinkedIn as one of many avenues to showcase your skills. Display your achievements and your portfolio in a number of networks, from Instagram to TikTok and so on, is a good way to reach

Translation Never Sleeps: A 24×7 Service

This article is in partnership with Day Translations and DayVIP. Day Translations VIP is a premium service that supports businesses reach global audiences through translation, interpretation, localisation and audiovisual services. We are so used to having written and audiovisual content translated in real-time that we seem to have forgotten all the work that goes on