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What Does Being Multilingual Look Like?

Are you multilingual or do you know anyone who is? Article in partnership with Day Translations. Studies found that being multilingual comes with many advantages because the process of learning and acquiring foreign languages drives the brain into different working modes, which are different from the average. This aspect alone is linked to a range

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Data-Driven Analysis of Language Translation Trends

Article in partnership with Day Translations. Having looked at some trends in the translation industry in a previous article (see related post Language Translation Trends), it is now time to do a data deep dive to discover what is worthy of more attention. Studies from organisations such as CSA Research show that consumers prefer to

Language Translation Trends

Article in partnership with Day Translations. What are the most noteworthy trends in language translation and what do we need to pay attention to? ​Are All Trends Made Equal? When we talk about trends, are we actually focusing on what is likely to stay in the long term or just a short term fad? Some


End of Short Term Rents in Portugal: Attention Digital Nomads

Portugal has been a very attractive destination for digital nomads, remote workers and location-independent entrepreneurs for a number of years. For many, the change of direction that the Portuguese decision-makers have made from early 2023 with regards to short term apartment rentals may have caught digital nomads by surprise. In fact, after feeling welcome in

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Rihanna’s Super Bowl Sign Intepreter Put American Sign Language on the Map

Justina Miles: remember her name. While millions of people had been waiting years to see Rihanna perform live, a few hundreds of thousands of Americans with hearing impairments watched a rising star interpreting Rihanna’s lyrics in real time with impressive show-womanship. This article is in partnership with Day Translations. ASL Intepreter Justina Miles Made History

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Environmental Protection Agency Climate Change Lecture with Professor Neil Adger

The Environmental Protection Agency in Ireland has organised a series of lectures about climate change. These lectures are free to attend, either in person or via livestream. I attended the Climate Change Lecture with Professor Neil Adger remotely and these are some key points from his presentation. Geography Professor Neil Adger, University of Exeter Professor

Real Time Interpretation for In-Person and Remote #SaveFoodConference in Istanbul

Article in partnership with Day Translations, providers of remote interpreting and translation. The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)’s #SaveFoodConference (long title: Regional Conference on Food Loss and Waste Reduction in Europe and Central Asia “Enabling the Change”) took place in Istanbul, Turkey, in October 2022 using a hybrid model: there was a mix of in-person