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Interview with Travel YouTubers In Viaggio Col Tubo

In Viaggio Col Tubo are Giorgio and Martina, whose YouTube channel is gaining much popularity thanks to their engaging and informative travel video guides. Here is their story so far, their plans for the future and their advice to new travel videographers.

Q & A with In Viaggio Col Tubo

What inspired you to start your own business and your YouTube channel?

When we seek information for our journeys, we always had to open millions of tabs, looking for practical information like “how much is this museum?” or “where is this place?” and then open more tabs for pictures that could inspire us to define our route. So we decided to do something as complete as it could be, showing images and videos of our trips and giving all the information a traveller needs. Our own necessity became our inspiration!

Travel vlogging is very competitive: how do you come up with ideas for trips and stories?

Every journey has its own story and 99% of the times we decide how to build the final videos during the actual journey. This way our videos are always genuine and we really know what kind of feeling we should represent in the final products.

What are the main challenges of having your own business?

Probably the main challenge is to produce daily content while organising other projects and looking for new clients at the same time. When you work for yourself there’s no free time and you’re always thinking about what to do next.

How do you manage to keep in touch with clients while travelling?

Emails, of course, but when we’re travelling we advise our clients to expects some delays, due to our working hours: we usually start really early in the morning and finish the day after midnight, and when we’re done we have strength to think nothing but the bed!

In Viaggio Col Tubo

What have been the highlights of your career so far?

For sure our journey in French Polynesia has been our best commission so far. Two weeks exploring the Islands of Tahiti to realise videos and social media content for the Tourism Office. It was a pretty big project! But also we had the opportunity to meet some incredible people that brought us deep in the culture of the islands.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be self-employed and travel the world?

  • Hope for a good and free hotspot.
  • Be really well organised.
  • Tired is just a state of mind. We mean, of course you need to rest, but people don’t care.

How do you deal with setbacks (for example, lost equipment or footage)?

Luckily we’ve never lost any equipment or footage (we’re really well organised, or at least too much paranoiac about these kind of things). Our biggest enemy is the weather but we can’t really do anything about it, so we just prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

How do you see the future of your YouTube channel?

At the moment we’re producing travel video-guides more than “simply” vlogs where we show places. We’d like to continue on this line, just improving more and more the quality, adding more and more destinations, hoping to reach a bigger audience, because travel is the best thing you can do in your freetime and we wanna help people doing it!

About In Viaggio Col Tubo

Giorgio and Martina are two architects, who graduated at the Politecnico University of Milan, but who, in 2013,  decided to the explore the world and show their journeys on their YouTube channel “in Viaggio col Tubo“, promoting destinations and giving practical information for travellers. Their videos stand out for the high quality of their images and for the tailor-made, engaging travel guide structure.

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