The Linguist Magazine Reporting on the HRO Today Forum

Article in partnership with Day Translations, which launched The Linguist Magazine in 2024.

​Day Translations at the HRO Today Forum EMEA in Barcelona

HRO Today Forum EMEA launched in Barcelona, Spain, in November 2023 and Day Translations was in attendance. The event gathered leaders in Human Resources and featured several keynote presentations as well as networking opportunities to share best practice.

During the summit a number of companies were rewarded for their excellence in the field of Human Resources and talent acquisition, and the HR representatives received an award on behalf of their companies, which were EMnify, Criteo, Syneos Health and Red Sea Global.

HR has changed so much in recent years, not only thanks to technology, but also through the sheer volume of data available through social media (including and particularly referencing to LinkedIn) that showcases the available talent pool and marketable skills.

Side note: the 2024 HRO Today Forum EMEA is held in Dublin, which I personally find interesting, as I live within commuting distance from it. The topics of discussion include AI and its various legal and ethical implications, hybrid working models and the issue of wage inflation.

​Day Translations’ Report from HRO Forum

The report on the 2023 HRO Forum inside the first issue of The Linguist Magazine summarised the key lessons from the speeches and the main advantages of attending such event.

In the article, it was noted how many geographical areas were included, with speakers from every corner of the world. The event also showed a good deal of diversity, making sure it was inclusive.

Another point that was mentioned was how the breakout sessions provided plenty of informal networking opportunities as well as a chance to go deeper into specific topics, while also being exposed to different realities. For example, hearing about the experience of seasoned HR professionals in the Middle East and Africa brought a new perspective that attendees wouldn’t have had been exposed to before.

The article also remarked how working in HR can be lonely at times: in a way, HR operates differently compared to the rest of the organisation. While a business is focusing on growing and ensuring all operations are running smoothly, HR is the interface staff members get into contact at specific times in their career, from the initial recruitment to performance reviews and so on.

There is a huge amount of responsibility when you work in HR, as HR professionals need to be up to date with all the relevant qualifications and training, as well as the current regulations and legislation.

​The Future of Human Resources

One of the many lessons from the Forum was the collaborative approach that the delegates embarked on to discuss options for the future of HR including the use of technology.

More collaborative approaches among HR professionals are also encouraged, and events such as the HRO Forum provide many avenues to explore while bringing together people from different backgrounds who may be used to working in silos without comparing their experiences against their international counterparts. Ultimately, if HR professionals from different geographical locations and backgrounds can work together in events such as the HRO Today Forum, then the HR sector will benefit from new input to drive innovative solutions.