Positive Reviews Indicate that Day Translations Has a Supportive Work Environment

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Working at Day Translations: Glassdoor Reviews

When you are looking for a job you tend to do some research about the company or companies you would like to work for. This includes reading the online reviews from employees and clients of these companies.

One of the sites where you can see reviews of a company from the employees’ perspective is Glassdoor. There is a full profile for Day Translations including an overall score and individual ratings.

Starting from the overall score, Day Translations is rated 4.8 stars out of 5, which in itself is extremely positive. It even gets better, as 99% of the people who have rated Day Translations also said that they would recommend working there.

Looking at the interviewing process, 86% of respondents said that the experience was positive. The process involves an interview with the HR department and a technical assessment to evaluate a candidate’s competencies in linguistics or other fields for non-language related roles.

A distinctive feature of Day Translations that sets it apart as a company in the translations industry is its mission statement. Day Translations’ mission is to improve global communications and preserve languages and cultural heritage worldwide, championing cultural diversity and intercultural respect.

Employees and freelance collaborators mentioned that there is a positive working environment at Day Translations, praising the friendliness and helpfulness of project managers. Internal communications at all levels including management were rated highly, including the available training programmes for staff. Project managers have been praised for being respectful and professional.

In terms of areas for development, some comments mentioned that processes could be more automated and the company has replied saying that some changes are underway. Another area is career growth, however, if you analyse the nature of work with languages, when you are a technical person you are likely to further develop your skills over time, becoming more specialised. This means that for career progression you might need to acquire additional skills such as people management and financial planning, but also enough vacancies need to become available. Maybe this combination of factors is not possible at present within the organisation.

Having said that, employees have shared in their reviews that there are plenty of opportunities to develop new skills.

Some employees have been with the company for years and have described how they have been enjoying getting regular work and being paid on time, which is particularly good for freelancers who may normally need to chase the payment of their invoices. Employees and collaborators have also shared that they found the workload to be manageable.


From the information that is available online it is clear that Day Translations is a good employer and that it is good at attracting and retaining talent with solid translation and interpreting skills.