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Day Awards 2021 on International Translation Day

Partnership with Day Translations. The 30th September marks International Translation Day and each year Day Translations celebrates the work of professional translators and interpreters, as well as international musicians, with a broadcast award ceremony. International Translation Day is the way the United Nations appreciate the role of interpreters and translators in bringing nations together and

skills learned working as a translator

Skills Learned Working as a Translator

This article is a collaboration with Day Translations. Experienced translators tend to accumulate a multitude of skills over the course of their careers as their job relies on continuous learning and improvement. Translators who have been working consistently for years will have honed existing skills and developed new ones over time, seamlessly expanding their knowledge.

video interpreting

What Are Remote Video and Phone Interpreting Jobs?

This article is a collaboration with Day Translations. Remote video and phone interpreting is a cost-effective way for organisations to provide instant translation (this can be consecutive, i.e., with a short delay, or simultaneous) for spoken communications from one language to another. In-person interpreting is more expensive and has to take into account travelling costs.