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Interview with Sam Marks, Co-Founder of

Co-working is a growing trend; co-founder Sam Marks shares his experience and advice.

What inspired the creation of

My co-founder and I were in Hong Kong in 2015 and discovered our first coworking space which was Garage Society. After a couple of years of working from home, cafes, and other public areas, we felt reborn as professionals seeking community based workspace. After searching for other coworking spaces in the region, we realised there was no adequate resource, so we decided to create it, and that is how was started.

Working as a digital nomad can be challenging, how can Coworker help?

One of the most difficult parts of being a digital nomad (or location independent) is not having a base. It’s a luxury at first but can really wear you down after awhile. Finding a great workspace with professionals can really ground you, wherever in the world you are and for even a short duration. allows you to find coworking spaces in over 120 countries across the world, many of which will be happy to host you for as little as a day, a week or a month. Getting into the coworking eco-system immediately plugs you into social and professional network and will give you a great workspace to stay productive while abroad.

Coworking has become a social movement creating a sense of community rather than just being a way of working: how do you see the future of coworking?

The growth trends for remote worker and digital professionals is eye-popping. Its human nature to need to feel connected to people, society, and others of like mind. Coworking is growing through a hyper-growth phase right now as millions of people who have been working from cafes and home for the last decade discover coworking. In the future, cities like NYC and London will easily have 500+ coworking spaces, and they communities will start to segment more into niches that allow people to connect with people of more like minds i.e. spaces for designers, spaces for startups, etc. People will also find themselves part of several coworking communities to have a variety in their workspace and community networks.

How do you recommend using the website for people who have never seen it before?

Simply go to, and search in a city that you are currently in or planning to travel to and take a look at the coworking spaces there. You will be inspired when you see the options! You can use the connection tools to reserve space, book a tour, or enquiry for more info.

Sam Marks

How do you compare a normal office environment to a coworking environment?

As someone that has done both, I can say there is really no comparison. I have also invested in businesses that have moved from their own offices into private offices in a coworking space. Creativity and production is gained by individuals and businesses, and once you have tried coworking you are hooked. More and more corporations are starting to move into coworking environments to reap some of these benefits and to also have better employee retention.

What advice would you give to people who are planning to become digital nomads?

If you have the means and resources to become a digital nomad, I recommend always having a base of at least 4 weeks at a time. Get setup with accommodation and a coworking space during that duration, and if you want to travel from there you can, but you always maintain a home base. This allows you to be more productive, less stressed, and have a higher quality experience during your time. And most important, enjoy! We are living in a truly remarkable time. The internet has enabled a new generation of people to be able to participate in this lifestyle so make sure you enjoy and appreciate it while you have the opportunity.

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