croatia welcomes digital nomads

Croatia as a Destination for Digital Nomads

Collaboration with Day Translations. Croatia is a sought-after destination attracting many digital nomads and remote workers. The country has invested heavily to offer a range of services while also supporting the local economy. Croatia’s International Appeal Croatia has attracted much attention from the international press for its strong position favouring digital nomads, adopting the slogan

travelling to madeira to work remotely

Travelling to Madeira to Work Remotely

Collaboration with Day Translations. Madeira has started a whole campaign to attract more digital nomads and remote workers. As a destination for entrepreneurs and freelancers, Madeira has plenty to offer. Why Madeira? In recent years Madeira has invested heavily to promote its image internationally in order to become a place where remote working is encouraged.

subtitle translators

The Role of Subtitle Translators

Collaboration with Day Translations. With the increasing popularity of international films and TV series in different languages on major streaming platforms, as well as the demand across industry sectors for multimedia captions in other languages, it’s worth acknowledging the valuable work of translators for subtitles. Translating Subtitles Is Complicated Films are not the only pieces

why do we need professional translators

Why Do We Need Professional Translators?

Collaboration with Day Translations. Professional translators are irreplaceable: they hold all the knowledge and expertise to provide accurate translations to get the right message across. Reasons Why We Need Professional Translators As much as we might rely on online automated translations such as Google Translate to look something up quickly in a different language, human

project managers for translations

The Role of Project Managers for Translations

Collaboration with Day Translations. Translation projects, especially large-scale ones featuring multiple languages, benefit from having a dedicated project manager. What a Project Manager for Translation Projects Does When commissioning a translation project to an agency, the client liaises with a central contact, the project manager. A project manager must demonstrate to possess skills such as

remote working in europe

Remote Working in Europe

Remote working opportunities across Europe are on the increase, with some companies being more successful at attracting and retaining talent than others, but work arrangements still need further development in line with markets and regulations. Each Organisation Must Find the Right Approach for Remote Work According to a report from Pitchbook, European start-ups are finding

presentation skills for professional interpreters

Why Presentation Skills Are Important for Professional Interpreters

Collaboration with Day Translations. Professional interpreters can use continuous development to be able to perform at their best. Mastering presentation skills can be a great asset for them. Presentation Skills for Interpreters Public speaking is an extremely valuable skill in many areas of business. It helps to capture the full attention of an audience through

cyprus digital nomad visa

Cyprus’s Digital Nomad Visa

Cyprus is putting in place a whole strategy to invite digital nomads to spend time in the country with a series of incentives. This is part of an ambitious government programme intended to get more foreign investment particularly to Cyprus from tech companies and businesses working in research innovation (Sources: in-Cyprus, Financial Mirror, Stockwatch). Digital

croatia welcomes digital nomads

Croatia Welcomes Digital Nomads

Croatia has put in place many initiatives to attract digital nomads. It created a digital nomad village in Zadar, a city with a rich history on the Adriatic coast near Split. Zadar’s Digital Nomad Village Digital Nomad Valley Zadar is one of the ways Croatia is using to become a hotspot for location-independent freelancers. Zadar

when professional interpreters should be used

When Should Professional Interpreters Be Used?

In partnership with Day Translations. You should use a professional interpreter in all situations that require expert advice, in a formal and business environment, particularly when the subject matter for discussion is of a technical, confidential, highly specialised nature. Circumstances that Require Professional Interpreters Professional interpreters make life easier for people who are not able