Translation Never Sleeps: A 24×7 Service

This article is in partnership with Day Translations and DayVIP.

Day Translations VIP is a premium service that supports businesses reach global audiences through translation, interpretation, localisation and audiovisual services.

We are so used to having written and audiovisual content translated in real-time that we seem to have forgotten all the work that goes on behind the scenes to make it all happen. We also need to remind ourselves that automated translations we get from Google Translate and closed captions on YouTube videos can contain a number of errors.

But why do we expect instant translation of business communications, including those that have strategic importance and require prior knowledge, technical expertise and the right cultural sensitivities?

Everything Is Urgent, Everything Is Immediate

Emails and messages have this tendency of interrupting what we are working on and divert our attention to see if we need to reply immediately.

Any messages that require an action on our part feel more urgent because there is an expectation on the other side that something will be done about it.

If we add having to translate the content from one language to another, the pressure increases and so do stress and the risk of errors.

In theory content generated by machines have a 2% margin of error compared to that created by humans, at 5% (source: Google Cloud Skills).

However, in translations there are so many elements to take into account:

  • tone
  • context
  • confidentiality
  • complexity
  • restricted audience.

Some messages have to be seen by a human to evaluate the best way to not only translate them but also to convey the correct level of confidentiality or any other factor that affects the overall meaning.

Machine translation is fooling us into thinking that converting text from one language to another always happens instantaneously and smoothly. However, a piece of text may require extensive research and at least one round of reviews by another worker to ensure everything has been dealt with correctly.

Medical translations and legal translations are just two examples of fields that demand a high level of expertise and years of study. Sure, a machine can crunch numbers and vast amounts of data in milliseconds, but just like when you pay a registered electrician to fix a problem with a short circuited wall outlet because they have trained and have accumulated extensive experience, you need to call in the experts for very specific translation jobs.

Talking of Translation Experts

This is where a service such as DayVIP can help global companies with their complex international communications. The service is available 24×7 and clients can access a dashboard to view the progress of translation projects they have commissioned.

The service also includes having a dedicated Project Manager who can provide support and answer questions about a project.

Day Translations follows a very precise methodology to deliver high quality translations. Each project is matched with a certified professional translator and then the completed translation is reviewed by proofreaders. After this check is complete, the final document is formatted according to the client’s instructions to fit with the same design and corporate identity of the client.

Corporate clients include Bank of America, American Red Cross, H&M, Fujifilm, National Geographic, HBO and the United Nations.

Day Translations also has offices in different countries around the world, allowing seamless coverage across time zones. In fact, defines Day Translations as the “(a)round-the-clock global language services provider focusing on human-based translation”, as well as localisation and language interpretation. It also states that Day Translations provide clients with “the most accurate human-powered translations on the planet”. That’s high praise, indeed.