JLab JBuds Pro Wireless In-Ear Headphones Product Review

JLab JBuds Pro Wireless In-Ear Headphones Product Review: Good Price Point and Battery Life

We spend most of our days literally glued to our mobile phones, but sometimes it’s handy to go hands-free and that’s when wireless headphones can be a good phone accessory.

Wireless earbuds are probably one of the easiest items to lose because they are so tiny. I chose JLab because I knew about this brand and it has been on the market for more than 15 years. JLab’s mission is to make personal audio products accessible and affordable and with their JBuds they definitely ticked all the boxes. Coming in at about $20 they are a steal compared to Apple’s Airpods (normally retailing from around $1500 to $200).

Are JBuds Earbuds Worth Getting?

The JBuds are no-frills earbuds but they do have a range of 10 metres, come with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, are compatible with all types of smartphones and are easy to connect with your device. All these factors make them worth getting in my opinion. The 10 metre coverage itself is useful when talking on the phone at home for example and you need to grab something in a different room or even want to put the kettle on to make yourself a cup of tea. In terms of recharging the battery, you can choose between a normal 90 minute charge or a fast charge, the latter being recommended to extend the battery life.

The Jbuds from Jlab are lightweight and they do quite a good job at reducing or even cancelling outside noises. While the actual earbuds themselves are supposed to fit neatly in your ear, this can be hit or miss depending on your ear shape: sometimes it might take a few attempts to insert the buds into your ears. However, the fact that they are connected to each other through a TPU cord means that you are less likely to lose them.

The problem with most wireless headphones is their battery life: if you are hoping to take your earbuds to the gym, the office, public transport etc., for a few days, the choice becomes more limited.


One of the best features of the JBud earphones is their battery life: at 10 hours, it is a good length of time, allowing you to enjoy your favourite music or podcast, or to make several phone calls.


  • Their price is competitive and they are available at many retailers.
  • The JBuds are of good quality, are water-resistant and feature 10mm sound drivers.
  • You can select the playback mode (more bass for example) directly on the earbuds without the need to download an app.


  • They are quite basic and on some occasion the sound quality is not perfect.
  • They don’t fit all types of ears or it may take a few attempts to make them fit.
  • Like many other wireless earbuds they can contribute to draining your phone’s battery.

In my experience I would say these earbuds are good value and worth buying as spares when you don’t want to lose your more expensive ones.