day awards 2022

It’s Time for the Day Awards!

In Partnership with Day Translations. Grab your popcorn, open that bag of sweets, wear your gladrags and make yourself comfortable: the Day Awards 2022 are here.

Grab Your Popcorn

Would you like to supersize your bucket of popcorn? And would you like some sweets, too? A hot dog with loaded nachos? Maybe a fizzy drink to go with all that? The Day Awards 2022 are coming to you on International Translation Day, the 30th September, at a screen near you: your computer screen. Basically, eat what you want because you can be in the comfort of your home (or rented accommodation, hotel, bed and breakfast or co-living space, you name it) to watch the show. Go on, push the boat out and order some pizza, why not?

You can either watch the event live as it is being broadcast or the replay any time after that on YouTube: just head over to the Day Translations’ channel to enjoy the awards and subscribe so you won’t miss the latest videos.

The Day Awards celebrate the thriving linguistics community, from translators and interpreters to all the people who work behind the scenes for translated content, as well as recognising the software tools that support this work.

Hosted by Alejandra Fonseca, Day Translations’ Marketing Manager and social media wunderkid, as well as make up guru, the awards give recognition to the language industry and translated content across various formats such as books, TV shows, games and movies.

As consumers of content we rely increasingly on international productions, enjoying them either in their original language with subtitles or dubbed into our language.

Translated content allows us to become more familiar with other cultures, which is an enriching experience, and gives us the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective.

So, enjoy this year’s Day Awards: sit back, grab your snacks and a formal outfit is completely optional because it’s not a Zoom meeting!