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Best Productivity Apps of 2019 for Digital Nomads

As a digital nomad it is important to be as productive with your day as possible. Saving time and making sure your digital life is organised is key to work and leisure.

Good productivity apps can really help a digital nomad – and we’ve found 5 of the best for your delectation in this article.

Here are our top 5 productivity apps for the digital nomad for 2019 (sponsored post).


One of the best FREE feature packed apps around

As a digital nomad it will be a common occurrence to collaborate with people all over the world, this comes with a number of pros and cons.

You could be on a beach in the Perhentian Islands and you need access to a set of files to help you with a client project.

And that’s where TeamViewer comes in handy. This amazingly powerful free-for-private-use tool allows you to access and use remote devices as though you were sitting in front of them.

You can hold remote web meetings with audio, video and text chat, a whiteboard, file sharing and more. It’s possible to collaborate with up to 300 people at once, and meetings can even be recorded for reference later.

The latest TeamViewer enables screen sharing on iOS devices, something you won’t get anywhere else, and TeamViewer’s upgraded Android app now features a one-click login, and has cut data usage by up to 80%.


Keeping track of cool stuff you find on the web for later

Life as a digital nomad is an adventure. One minute you are running with the bulls in Spain, celebrating Chinese New Year in a cave house in rural China, and racing from England to Mongolia in a beat-up camper van.

This nifty little app called Pocket acts as a central storage space to hold articles, videos and other content for easy viewing later.

What makes this app even better is Pocket can download content for offline consumption – and if your picks were as good as you hoped, you’re able to send them to another user’s Pocket, or share them directly via social media.


Store your thoughts and ideas with this indispensable app

Ideas and inspiration can strike from anywhere. As a digital nomad you are sure to see a number of inspiring views on your travels. This is exactly why you need Evernote to tie them all together.

Evernote uses smart search tools scour everything you’ve collected to find the details you need. And Notebooks can be synced across all your devices as required, enabling you to view and work on them anywhere.

In terms of mobile app development, Evernote ticks all of the right boxes. Great design and user experience have been built into the core of this note taking app.


A delightful piece of mobile software for keeping digital nomads organised

There are endless to-do list apps around, and many of them are very capable, but if you really want to get your life organized then few deliver quite as well as Wunderlist.

The more you explore, the more features you find, just like what exploring the world is like.

Any or all of your lists can easily be shared with others for streamlined collaboration on complex projects. You can assign tasks to others as required, and a comments system allows your team or friends to discuss the latest issues.

With mobile apps for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Kindle Fire and more, as well as a web interface, you can run Wunderlist just about anywhere. And if you remember Wunderlist’s free plan being a little limited, forget about that – because the commercial Wunderlist Pro went free as of April 4, 2018, so you can now use all the features for no cost at all.


The complete online productivity suite for nomads

Okay, so somewhat predictable we have featured something from the big G.

G Suite is a great free online productivity suite which enables the simple and speedy creation of documents (Google Docs), spreadsheets (Google Sheets), presentations (Google Slides) and more.

Looking to work on a big idea with someone else across the world from you, for instance? Instead of exchanging endless emails or signing up for some online meeting service, just create a Google Docs document, share it with your friend and edit it together in real-time, adding comments as you go, simple!

Other digital nomads will use other formats to create and share data. No problem. Instead of looking for yet another app, try opening it in Google Docs. The service can open PDFs, Office documents, and even extract text from images to export the results in many common formats.

The Productive Nomad

Whether you want to plan a project, work better with others around the world, save interesting stuff you’ve found online to read offline later or just make the best possible use of your time, we are sure there was something for you in our best productivity apps of 2019.

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