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3 Multicultural Activities to Check Out in Toronto

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Multiple sources have voted Toronto as one of the most diverse cities in the world. With over two hundred nationalities represented, this city is a melting pot like none other. Instead of swirling away identities into one of sameness, everyone gets to feel celebrated and supported, taking part in cheering on traditions and cultures that have been celebrated for thousands of years. Because of this, there are dozens of multicultural activities and events to enjoy! Here are three fun ones, but feel free to explore the city yourself! There’s nothing like a little tourism to make you want to look at real estate in Toronto.

Festival of Fire

Starting in May, this festival is the most incredible display of the whole summer season. Hosted by Ontario Place, this festival lets off pyrotechnics’ incredible feats and brings in over two million guests from outside the city to watch in awe. Every accomplishment is more exciting and daring than the last, and every year they outdo themselves. Although there is no specific culture, this is for or about; it brings together everyone in such a beautiful way that it feels cultural. You’ll feel at one with the whole city, and with the people who come in to celebrate, and you won’t ever want to leave Toronto.

Chinese New Year

Although the day on which Lunar New Year is celebrated may change every year, the sentiment stays the same. This celebration is a time to celebrate the years that have passed and to get excited for the years to come. There’s almost always a parade, with puppet dancing and music that will make your heart and ears ring. The full night is nothing but fun, fireworks, and community. You can take part in this, as long as you’re respectful of the culture, and most attending the celebration will accept you with open hands and hearts. This celebration is the most beautiful festival in the city, and you’ll want to keep a camera handy at all times for when something gorgeous happens. There may be some alcohol during the parade, but you can’t drink on the streets with it.

Jikjik Mastoon

This Spring Equinox Festival started by Toronto-based artists is a time for everyone to let their creative side out. This festival is thrown every year to usher in the warmer months and has various interactive exhibits. You can join in drawing on a sheet that thousands of others have drawn on or enjoy local musicians as they sing and play instruments. Every single part of this celebration is built to be inclusive and open-armed. You’ll feel like you’re a part of Toronto just from celebrating.

This city has everything you could ever want and offers a stronghold for every culture to be represented and supported. Instead of erasing cultures or homogenizing them, they allow people to be themselves and explore who they are to the fullest. It’s freeing, comforting, and makes itself a home for anyone who needs one and can stand the cold.