Day Awards 2023: The Winners

Article in partnership with Day Translations.

The Day Awards are an annual event recognising the work of language professionals around the world, organised by Day Translations.

As President Sean Hopwood said in his introduction speech, even with the emergence of AI tools in translation, the human touch is invaluable. This is why the Day Awards go the extra mile to share with the world how important the contribution of professional linguists is in many areas of our lives.

You can watch the whole ceremony on YouTube on Day Translations’ channel:

Day Awards 2023: Winners for Each Category

The Day Awards 2023 featured external and internal categories, with company tools, games, videos and books representing the external categories and internal categories recognising the work of Day Translations’ team members.

External Categories

The ceremony stated with Best Company Tool 2023 and the winner was Slack, the messaging tool that allows people to collaborate and share information regardless of timezones and across all job functions.

Throughout the broadcast a number of international artists shared their talent from many corners of the world.

Adeline Dessinet, singer, performed a song in French, Farrah Espinosa, singer, performed a song in Japanese, Umru’Ka, singer, performed in Ukrainian, Marco Massa Trucat, singer, performed in Italian and Kim Nanninga, singer, performed in Finnish.

Back to the categories, these were the winners for translated content.

  • Best Localized Video Game: The Legends of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, available on Nintendo Switch, has been translated in Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, Spanish;
  • Best Translated Book: Sea of Tranquility, by Emily St. John Mandel, which has been translated into 32 languages with more to follow;
  • Best Subtitles for Non-English Video Content: Everything Everywhere All at Once, featuring spoken dialogue in Mandarin, Cantonese, English.

​Internal Winners

  • Best Day Translator of 2023: Frank Payares, working on English and Spanish legal translations
  • Best Day Interpreter of 2023: Rubi Briones, working in English and Spanish in the medical field

Also, internal winners were Marce Zaraza and Flavia Barandiaran in the Operations Team; Arun Chauhan in the IT Department; Gabe Gonzalez, one of the hosts of the Awards, in the Marketing Department. Maga Zavarse also won for her work in the HR Department.

A new internal category is Slack Celebrity of the Year, for the team member sharing about their day and culture; the winner is Marco Castilho.

The Day Life Achievement for the longest-serving team member went to Thomas Varghese.

Bisma Irshad won the Hopwood Award.

As the 2023 Day Awards drew to a close, hosts Alejandra Fonseca and Gabe Gonzalez thanked all their colleagues for their sterling work.