Day Translations’ The Linguist Magazine and Language Podcast

This article is in partnership with Day Translations, which launched The Linguist Magazine in 2024.

The Linguist Magazine

The magazine launched in January 2024 and in its first issue it covered a number of stories about the translations industry. There is also an extended feature on Day Translations’ New York offices in Madison Avenue; it is worth noting that the company also has several other offices in the United States and ten international offices including in India and China. The New York offices’ strategic position allows the company to service many communities within the New York metropolitan area, which is characterised by a multitude of different cultures and languages. The magazine also delves deeper in the fast-paced lifestyle of Manhattan in New York giving some advice on how to achieve a better work/life balance and carve out enough personal time to explore and make the most of such a thriving and exciting area that has so much to offer.

Day Translations as a company knows first hand about diversity and gender equality, employing people from more than 40 countries and different backgrounds, being able to walk the walk as demonstrated in qualitative and comparative surveys (for example, see Trustpilot and Comparably). Not only their inhouse team is made of people from different countries bringing a variety of skills and expertise, but when the staff were asked about the work culture, the management and the growth opportunities within the company, they scored Day Translations highly.

There are also other articles you can explore in the magazine looking at more topics including business innovation and new technologies.

The Language Journal Podcast

The Language Journal Podcast, which you can watch and listen to on YouTube, celebrates the linguists’ community delving deeper into the unique characteristics of popular languages, how companies use translation services, how languages bring people together. The podcast started on the Day Translations’ YouTube channel in 2021 as a regular series to explore the world of languages including translating and interpreting.

The interviewees share about their career progression working with languages, how they use translation in their work, but also talk about their passions and hobbies.

You can find the full playlist featuring interviews with various experts on the language industry on Day Translations’ YouTube channel.

The range of languages being discussed in the podcast go from Mandarin Chinese to Spanish and Portuguese, all the way to Irish and Czech among others. Even ancient languages get a mention, for example Etruscan, Greek and Latin, in one of the interviews. This includes a discussion of the alphabet and the individual pecularities of ancient languages and how there is still so much still to discover about them.

If you work in the language industry and are interested in contributing a fresh perspective on it you can contact Day Translations to be featured either on the magazine or the podcast.

You can also find the interview I did with Day Translations’ founder Sean Patrick Hopwood here. By the way, if you ever get interviewed by Sean, my suggestion is to brush up on your football knowledge!