useful apps for digital nomads

Best Apps for a Digital Nomad

The ability to travel around the world while working for yourself seems like a dream for many people. Thanks to the advancements in technology becoming a digital nomad is much easier to achieve than people might think. In this guest post, Michael Kordvani, Chief Editor and Head of SEO for New York-based app development agency Fueled, recommends some useful  apps for digital nomads.

A digital nomad, for those who might not know, is simply somebody who nomadically wanders around the earth, experiencing new cultures and meeting new peoples – while utilizing the Internet to earn an income.

A prime example of this would be travel bloggers, for example Nomadic Matt. They travel and then constantly update a site or blog with all of their adventures. After a lot of hard work and hundreds of high-quality articles, they hopefully begin to see traffic increase and money begin to roll in.

Another great example of being a digital nomad is an app developer like Fueled. Providing you have the skills to actually be an app developer, all you need is a laptop and the passion to travel. From there you can source work while seeing the world.

The trouble lies in the details though. Being a digital nomad is an amazing way of life but it’s not an easy one. Many days and nights are spent meeting deadlines, mixing up timezones and struggling to find decent WiFi.

But that doesn’t always have to be the case. Thanks to app developers and the advancing technology we carry around in the palm of our hands, there is a whole library of apps which are perfect for the digital nomad. We’re going to take a look at some of the best ones out there so you can pursue a nomadic lifestyle without spending eighteen hours in a dark hostel dorm room because you mixed up your client’s timezone.

Time Buddy

The first app we have to talk about is called Time Buddy. It’s a must-have app for any digital nomad. The app developer behind the app has gone above and beyond, ensuring it is finished to a very high standard.

The app allows you have a visual representation of the different time zones that matter to you. If you are in the US but your client is in Spain, you can adjust things accordingly to get all the information you need at your fingertips. You can also add notes, meetings and other important content to your calendar so it’s scheduled in for you.

XE Currency

Using the internet to earn a living is great but then it can get confusing when it comes to setting rates and charging clients. Generally you’ll always be paid in US dollars. That’s just how it goes. But when you have three different currencies in your wallet, your standard bank account and then trying to figure out what to charge in US dollars, it can get a bit much.

Thats’ where XE Currency comes in. The app is brilliant and can work offline if you set it up to. You simply add the currencies you want to monitor (for example, US dollar, British Pound, the Euro) and then simply type an amount in one of them.

If you’re from England, and you want to know what £50 is in US dollars, just put it in the box for GBP and it’ll convert it instantly for you. It’s an incredibly useful tool that any nomad should be using.


Uber has made travelling abroad much safer for nomads. There was once a time when needing to hail a taxi from the airport made you feel uneasy. Especially when twenty guys were in your face the moment you got off of the plane, offering you rides in their cars.

That’s where Uber is such a great addition to the nomadic lifestyle. Not only will you be able to stay safer, but you’ll also save a lot of money without getting ripped off by drivers. Simply let your smartphone access your GPS and then order an Uber to and from. You pay through the app and can track your driver in real-time to see where he is.


Travelling and trying to work can be quite difficult. Especially if you have looming deadlines and you spent twelve hours on a bus from A to B. Things get worse when the hostel you’ve checked in for three nights has zero WiFi, or the WiFi is so bad, you’d be quicker to locate dial-up Internet again.

That’s where Workfrom is a blessing. The app developer behind it knew how important it is for freelancers, travellers and general people to find spaces they can work and access the Internet. It will provide you with a database of the best cafes and locations which boast the perfect working conditions and can really help you get out of a tight spot if you’re running late on work.


Last on our list is Expensify. This app lets nomads track their outgoings without needing to sift through tons of receipts at the end of the month. It’s free and you simply have to take a picture of your receipt. The app will analyze it and store it as a digital item on your device.

It can take things one step further too by utilising your GPS meaning you can track the miles you track, which is useful if you’re eligible to claim back expenses from your client. It’s a very useful app which lets you stay ahead of bankruptcy, or at least helps you save money rather than indulging every night.