thermal springs in bulgaria

Thermal Springs in Bulgaria for the Discerning Digital Nomad

Albena, Bansko and Bourgas are just a few gems in Bulgaria for the ultimate hot springs experience.

As the ultimate stress-reliever, soaking in mineral-rich warm water relaxes both body and mind. For digital nomads and other remote workers who are staying in Bulgaria, a trip to a thermal resort is a great way to unwind.

The lifestyle of a digital nomad can be highly pressurised, spending several hours at the laptop and not having enough time to take a break.

Bulgaria offers a variety of relaxation opportunities, from the more commercial resorts to hideaways that only the locals know about. While this selection of places is just a way to introduce them, there’s plenty more to explore.


The Albena resort is situated along the coastline of the Black Sea in the north east of Bulgaria near Varna city and is famous for its beaches and its warm mineral water springs. The area is surrounded by lush gardens and it offers a range of leisure activities and sports.

Hotel operators offer a range of spa experiences, from massages to saunas, many having swimming pools filled with seawater.


Bansko in south west Bulgaria boasts a number of natural thermal springs nearby. As a ski location, Bansko has a lot going on. The hot springs are mostly in nearby Banya and have facilities such as changing rooms. Bansko is also a famous digital nomad hotspot with a range of co-working options.


The hot spring baths in Bourgas have a long history and are beloved by locals and international travellers. This location on the Black Sea coast benefits from a generally mild climate all year round. As far as thermal treatments are concerned, Bourgas is best known for its mud baths and salt lakes. Access to the salt lakes is free.


Kyustendil is a former Ancient Roman settlement, located in the west of Bulgaria in the Struma River valley. The thermal waters are clear and are known for their curative properties.


Obzor is nestled between the sea and the mountains between Bourgas and Varna on the Black Sea. There is a mineral hot spring a short distance from the town, ascending towards the mountains. The climate is mild.


The Rupite hot springs are volcanic, located near Petrich in south western Bulgaria. Favoured by the locals, the springs are free to enter.


Shipkovo is a spa resort near the Central Balkan Mountains and near the river Beli Osam. The resort offers a choice of treatments using mineral-rich water.

Sources of Information

Although several local websites offer short descriptions of each resort, probably the best way to start planning your travel is to look at the Bulgaria Tourist Board website and compare a number of travel operator sites and travel reviews sites. Bulgarian car rental websites and rental properties websites can also be useful to advise on destinations to find hot springs. There are also a few bloggers’ sites providing additional insights based on their personal experiences of Bulgarian hot springs.