croatia welcomes digital nomads

Croatia Welcomes Digital Nomads

Croatia has put in place many initiatives to attract digital nomads. It created a digital nomad village in Zadar, a city with a rich history on the Adriatic coast near Split.

Zadar’s Digital Nomad Village

Digital Nomad Valley Zadar is one of the ways Croatia is using to become a hotspot for location-independent freelancers. Zadar has its own airport and is also accessible from Split airport. Zadar’s nomad village launched in October 2021 as a pilot scheme similar to Madeira’s running until March 2022 and attracted applications from EU and non-EU nationals. More schemes such as this are planned.

An initiative from the Zadar Tourism Board and other institutions called grabAhome is making it easier to find accommodation (Dubrovnik Times). This also includes co-working spaces.

Digital Nomad Valley Zadar is not just about the accommodation but also offers services such as a community manager, discounts with participating partners and access to events dedicated to digital nomads.

The choice of Zadar was a combination of offering a reliable infrastructure with stable broadband and having plenty of beauty spots to visit.

One of the main advantages of joining the pilot scheme is the careful curation of available resources to ensure a seamless experience. This allows to maximise your time while on location and share an experience with like-minded people.

This pilot scheme is just a starting point for more initiatives to follow. Other locations such as Dubrovnik are hosting digital nomads and organising business events for local and international delegates.

Croatia as a Digital Nomad Destination

Croatia Your New Office! is the platform that provides information to digital nomads on how to work in Croatia and explore the country. One of the biggest selling point of working in Croatia is that English is widely spoken.

The portal is the starting point to set up as a digital nomad containing all the information to live and work in Croatia. Digital nomads can stay up to 12 months in Croatia.

Croatia aims to attract more international visitors and develop a community, as well as boost the economy particularly during off-season. An international conference about digital nomads started in 2020 and more are planned.

The winter season in Croatia is not as busy as during the summer months and the Zadar initiative addresses this offering more choice in accommodation which wouldn’t normally be available the rest of the year. It is an attractive proposition for local businesses that get a chance to extend their trading window.